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Inalco porcelain tiles

Along with the materials of domestic manufacturers, our furniture factory widely uses European products of leading brands. One of the old, time-tested partners is the Spanish company Inalco, which supplies selected slabs of porcelain stoneware. This material has not only an attractive appearance and original...

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Restaurant equipment

Catering outlets have a certain set of necessary equipment. Specialized equipment for a restaurant includes units for meat processing, packing, filling, baking. Techniques for processing meat include: massager, smokehouse, meat mixer, chopper, trimming, deboning. These units are mainly used in production. In cafes and bars, such...

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Features of loft-style sofas

The loft style is the perfect choice for decorating a modern home or office interior. Furniture is used to a minimum, trying not to clutter up the space; but it should be stylish and of high quality. You can find suitable designer sofas in the loft...

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