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Restaurant equipment

Catering outlets have a certain set of necessary equipment. Specialized equipment for a restaurant includes units for meat processing, packing, filling, baking.

Techniques for processing meat include: massager, smokehouse, meat mixer, chopper, trimming, deboning. These units are mainly used in production. In cafes and bars, such a complete set of units will not be needed.

Refrigerators: Used to store and freeze food, including ice cubes. Their volume is selected depending on the volume of production.

Thermal appliances. This category includes: heat-resistant ovens, cooking boilers, electric stoves, electric boilers, electric pans.

Installations for the preparation of fast food: crepe makers, deep fryers, etc.

Grill – settings.

Whipping devices.

All equipment is selected based on the immediate purpose of the institution and the characteristics of the food offered to customers.

Furniture for cafes

An important issue when creating a unique image and style of an institution is the question of choosing the environment. To choose the right furniture for a restaurant, you need to think over everything to the smallest details: style, color, purpose, comfort, etc. The influx of visitors will depend on how the interior space of the room will be decorated. Loft-style establishments have become quite popular. Such an original approach to design makes it a favorite place for a large number of clients.

What is the “highlight”? This stylistic direction assumes the complete absence of elements masking the brickwork of the walls. All supporting structures, communications in the form of pipes are also not covered by anything, which gives the appearance of a semi-basement-type production facility.

Distinctive features by which you can determine the presence of this direction:

Characteristic cold color shades.
Undecorated brickwork.
Deliberately accentuated individual elements such as pipes, ventilation hatches and exits, stairways.
The presence of a fireplace lined with “rough” stone.
The windows are imitation, mostly large.
The floor is always stone or concrete.
It’s good when the cafe is decorated with a lot of greenery. This will add additional comfort to the entire environment, while smoothing the look of open communications.
A small restaurant will not be disturbed by tables made in an antique style. This will allow, without using modern materials in the decoration, to emphasize the designer’s idea and bring comfort to the atmosphere. Loft furniture goes well with artificially aged things with individually selected fittings.
Special features that make it possible to separate the loft furniture for a restaurant from another:

Leather upholstery raw materials.
Colors (mostly white).
Discreet colors are dominated by one tone.
The presence of clear, strict lines.
All elements are simple and functional.
The set will perfectly emphasize additional posters and paintings in the “avant-garde” technique.
It is recommended to decorate the interior with small lamps, which are equipped with long brackets and are adjusted in such a way that they seem to hang over the tables. Thus, the nondescript, gloomy environment begins to revive.
Custom products

Do not underestimate the value of sofas purchased for a prestigious establishment. The industrial design suggests buying a sofa of this style. This type of furniture interior, which we produce ourselves, is presented in a large assortment on the website Beautiful upholstered furniture in the loft style is made in the original architectural style. It looks expensive and luxurious, it will definitely attract attention with its extraordinary appearance and, moreover, will provide maximum convenience. Finish with metal, brick, concrete and other industrial materials will suit it. This contrast makes the interior unforgettable for visitors.

If you have a desire to buy such a sofa from us, then it will not be difficult, you need to leave a request on the website or call the manager. Choosing it you need to evaluate:

Appearance (this depends on the general style and color taken as the basis).
The strength of the materials used (natural and eco leather, substitute, durable artificial fabrics are suitable).
Practicality that comes from the quality of the cladding.
Environmental friendliness, which directly affects the health of customers and staff.
All products presented in the catalog are of excellent quality and modern design. In the online store, you can also buy cuisine that suits your tastes and preferences. Available kitchens vary in colors, raw materials, designs.

There is trade equipment for the restaurant on sale:

Wooden storage boxes.
Hangers with hooks for outerwear and umbrellas.
Bar counters, tables, chairs and armchairs.
Shelves of different types.


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