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IDP presents to the competitive market world as a complex strategic partner, to a degree satisfy the unconscious needs of our customers , by placing the ” customer ” at the centre of the company .

IDP expresses a new way of life, founded on excellence: from the very foundation the brand is an expression of the strength and creativity of a company, of the commitment and values ​​of a team of men and women. The specific knowledge of the industrial sectors and trends that characterise them is a fundamental element to ensure a high added value to the services offered to its customers. The industrial know-how is ensured by close collaboration with managers and consultants in their professional careers that have developed specific and relevant business skills, some of which play the role of Senior Management of the Company; This allows the team to have a vantage point on the main industrial dynamics, especially in some specific areas such as: Fashion & Luxury Goods, General Aviation, Yachting. Today IDP has offices and employees in Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia which respond in real time to customer needs/Local partners. IDP builds and strengthens relationships with their customers for the long-term , not necessarily linked to the performance of a specific task, ensuring the professional management of all services which, after sales, specially trained technical/commercial, delivered directly at retail, Communication & Marketing activities planned and implemented to attract the attention of the target customer.

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Via dei Gigli, 24, 20815 Cogliate, MB, Italia

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