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CAPITAL 35010 Limena, Padova, Italy
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Natural wood Stone countertop Living room Kitchen Cabinet

Capital began its story more than 40 years ago, thanks to its President Paolo Viscovich, and has since then accumulated experience in the luxury furniture sector.

Since its establishment the company is continuously evolving and growing in global markets as an organisation with Padua-based headquarters and showroom, but with offices and showrooms also in emerging markets. Capital initially develops in-house creative designs and works its way through all stages of material research and production. We actually believe that the value of in-house development is being passed on to the final product in terms of uniqueness and excellence.

We are not influenced by industrial concepts but by artisan production and method: not being bound by the use of certain materials or technology and being able to produce in cycles that depend on our hands proves that we have no limit except our own mind

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35010 Limena, Padova, Italy

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