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Bruno Camerin, company founder, has a lifetime of experience in the restoration of antique furniture and in manufacturing quality interiors. As a result of this knowledge and background the company is familiar with every historical style and period.

Our general catalogues show a wide range of ready made furniture with fixed measurements and construction but we also have a very unique speciality—the construction of custom furniture which can be designed by an architect, designer or even the client himself.

The capacity to construct unique single pieces is rarely found in our mass-production world where manufacturers are not willing to spend time on individual requests.

We have expert knowledge of every type of finish available-possible and impossible;  leather, embossed leather (crocodile, ostrich etc), snakeskin, stingray leather (Galuchat) – always respecting the Washington convention for endangered species – plus mother of pearl and fine veneer inlays and also glass, mirror and crystal inserts, finishes in gold, silver, platinum, bone, horn, tortoiseshell and ivory, combinations of marble, wood, metal, cast bronze figures and carvings of every type and dimension.

We are often asked to make the  “impossible”  and we always do with no exception.

Once a request reaches our technical office we start studying it, making a 3D visual rendering to give the client the perfect look of the fully finished piece. We then make the shopdrawing for production and, once approved, we make the piece and safely deliver it to destination anywhere in the world.

Our furniture has been sold in fine stores throughout Europe and Usa.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have whilst browsing through our web site. Our sales department will be happy to assist and advise you.

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Via Unità d'Italia, 25, 30027 San Donà di Piave, VE, Italy

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