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CADORE Via Castellana, 4/1 31030 - San Vito di Altivole Treviso – Italy
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Founded in 1969, Cadore has gradually gained a prominent spot on the Italian and international furniture markets with its commitment, dedication and perseverance.
A story of great passion, characterized by the quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail of tailor-made classic style. Over the years Cadore has grown into a structured reality, by setting up new departments and divisions and building its commercial network, all the while remaining loyal to its principles, the pursuit of excellence and client satisfaction, and strengthening solid relations based on respect and trust.
In 2011 Stefano Cadore becomes CEO of the company continuing its path of growth and internationalization. Thanks to its farsighted approach, the company has been investing in a range of areas, from adopting ambitious strategies to paying utmost attention to production cycles, quality standards, punctuality and automation.

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Via Castellana, 4/1 31030 - San Vito di Altivole Treviso – Italy

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