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Natural wood Living room Kitchen Cabinet Bathroom

Founded in 1973 for the production of furniture, the Bordignon Camillo Company soon specialized in the use of solid wood. Relying on Camillo’s experience and ability in traditional carpentry and the organizational skills of his wife, Tersilla, the couple decided to use only the most indispensable machinery and place their greatest trust in the quality of their human resources.

These decisions enabled their business to develop and concentrate on custom-built furniture, first by starting from small modifications and then constructing entire pieces by working from unique designs. In the ‘70s, production centered on classic style furniture built entirely in solid walnut that soon made a name for the company through the excellent levels of quality achieved in the products, finishing, and materials used.

The company then moved closer to the real needs of consumers and began focusing on high-quality production in terms of both material and finish.

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Via Segafredo, 119, 36027 Rosà, VI, Italy

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