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Our processes are carried out following criteria of excellence, according to the Made in Italy craftmanship production standards.

We always take particular care from the choice of materials to the finishing processes, in order to create collections of impeccable furnishings in terms of quality and design.

All the inlays are made of natural woods.
Our aim is to guarantee excellence to our customers wishing to purchase their lacquered or inlaid luxury furniture.

We manufacture both classic and contemporary furniture, all made exclusively with solid wood and plywood sections for the curved parts.

Precious materials are used for panel details and handles, such as Bohemia crystal or the unique Swarovski crystal.

Gold and silver leaf finishes, leather and precious fabric coverings are available to add an exclusive touch to your furniture.

Quality controls are performed by highly experienced master cabinet makers. They follow production from the initial development stage, skilfully assessing each piece to find even the smallest defect: only the products that meet our standards go to the following processing stage.

Thanks to the company’s internal organisation we guarantee that the delivery times agreed with customers are always respected.

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Via Calcara, 131 37053 Cerea, Verona Italy

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