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ARCA Via Alberon, 6, 31030 Castello di Godego, TV, Italy
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Natural wood Living room Kitchen Cabinet

Arca was born in Castello di Godego (Treviso) in 1972, where is still located the company Headquarters and manufacturing facilities. ARCA covers an industrial area of about 25.000 square metres that are organized for the various manufacturing processes of wood, seasoning of the Walnut and Cherry wood, carpentry and technologic system for the first manufacturing process of wood, the warehouse of the raw pieces, hand-made polishing facilities with the possibility to use lacquered finishes or various wood shades and finishing facilities with the use of beeswax and decorations in gold and silver leaf. The company philosophy reflects accurately the true values of the Italian classic furniture. Style inspired by moments of the most distinguished Italian and European history. The ability to design each individual room or home furnishing as the Customer desires. Hand-made quality of the finished piece, made with real wood and manufactured with the use of hand-made carpentry and polishing techniques. Arca, thanks to the above important mentioned features, is currently living a leader role in the classic furnishing market of high quality, both in Italian and International market, where is highly esteemed as a very valuable interpreter of classic Italian culture and style.

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Via Alberon, 6, 31030 Castello di Godego, TV, Italy

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