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Via Conciliazione, 25, 20821 Meda, MB, Italy

Our company works with specialized masters of carving: the keepers of the tradition of the finest woodworking practice for over two centuries. They are the creators of...

Via Luigi Fumagalli, 37/39, 22066 Mariano Comense, CO, Italy

Cappellini Intagli was founded in Cabiate in 1947, thanks to its capability in reproducing the beauty of yesteryear consoles, mirrors, tables and complementary pieces.Every creations...

Capo d'Opera S.r.l. - via Fornaci 23 Revine Lago (TV) Italy
Via della Sbrozzola, 16, 60021 Camerano, Ancona, Italia

40 anni per ricordare, per non smarrire la memoria. Per cogliere il senso dello stile Cantori. Per evocare e rievocare il senso e la scoperta...

Via Cadalora, 22, 37050 Ca' degli Oppi, VR, Italy

n 1949 Severino Cantiero founded an artisan workshop in Bovolone for the production of high-class classic items of furniture. With a handful of wood carvers,...

via Ginevra da Fossano, 53, 22063 Cantù, CO, Italia

The Company was founded in 1918 by Serafino Cantaluppi. In 1952 the sons of Serafino, Ecclesio Dino e Aldo supported him to lead the activity. It's...

Via Unità d'Italia, 25, 30027 San Donà di Piave, VE, Italy

Bruno Camerin, company founder, has a lifetime of experience in the restoration of antique furniture and in manufacturing quality interiors. As a result of this...

Via Castellana, 4/1 31030 - San Vito di Altivole Treviso – Italy

Founded in 1969, Cadore has gradually gained a prominent spot on the Italian and international furniture markets with its commitment, dedication and perseverance. A story of...

Via S. Antonio 47 31056 Biancade di Roncade Treviso, Italy

ORIGINS The history of GD Arredamenti dates back to 1969, in Biancade, a town just outside Treviso in Northern Italy that is traditionally known for its...

Busnelli Adamo Srl, Via Don Minzoni, 9, 20826 Cascina Sant'Andrea, Misinto MB, Italia

In 1948 Adamo Busnelli laid in Meda the basis of what now is a dynamic production reality in continuous expansion. The brothers Silvio and Claudio have inherited the...

Via dei Gigli, 24, 20815 Cogliate, MB, Italia

IDP presents to the competitive market world as a complex strategic partner, to a degree satisfy the unconscious needs of our customers , by placing...

Via Straelle, 3, 35010 Villanova di Camposampiero, PD, Italy

Characterized by a naturally heterogeneous yet coherent style based on quality, durability and authenticity, the Bonaldo catalogue can thus meet the needs of both private...