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Inalco porcelain tiles

Along with the materials of domestic manufacturers, our furniture factory widely uses European products of leading brands. One of the old, time-tested partners is the Spanish company Inalco, which supplies selected slabs of porcelain stoneware. This material has not only an attractive appearance and original texture. It has increased strength, is designed for intensive use and long service life, moreover, it easily takes the required shape. With this finish, a loft-style kitchen will look just great!

Where is the material used?

Today, you can make a lot of useful things from porcelain stoneware. Even an inexpensive loft-style kitchen will benefit greatly from such details. Therefore, we offer our customers the best options from this material when decorating loft-style rooms, namely:

Floor and wall covering for kitchen, dining room.
Facades for kitchen cabinets and shelves.
Backsplash cladding (open wall space between curtain walls and the worktop, as well as between the cooker hood and the stove).
Dining area countertops and kitchen tables in various formats.
Bar cover, etc.
Company history: how it all began

Inalco was founded in 1972, when the first moda ceramica plant was built in Castellon. The extraction of raw materials was carried out in a local quarry, and the production of ceramic tiles was established at the factory, which quickly gained popularity all over the world due to its rich assortment and excellent quality.

In addition to tiles, the plant began to make other products necessary for decorating the interiors of apartments and private houses, as well as for making custom-made kitchens: mosaics and porcelain stoneware. Thanks to this, the Inalco factory became one of the leaders in the world market, and remains in these positions to this day.

The designers of the factory never cease to amaze consumers with fresh, creative ideas. For those who prefer the loft style, a table made of Spanish porcelain stoneware will come in handy.

Extraordinary solutions to standard questions

Here are some of Inalco’s biggest achievements:

Launch of production and successful sale of large format ceramic tiles (120×60 cm).
Production of large-sized wall tiles (as practice has shown, it is very convenient for repairs).
Reducing product weight in parallel with optimizing proportions (seamless joint technology).
Development of modern computer design, due to which the decorative design of products amazes the most sophisticated imagination.
In terms of the production of porcelain stoneware slabs, Inalco also excelled here:

Production of large format slabs as well as huge 6mm sheets. They go to kitchen furniture as well as decorative finishes.
Use of innovative technologies.
Guaranteed high quality products.
The ability to apply any images to the surface of porcelain stoneware.
Benefits of branded products

Today, porcelain stoneware products are offered by a number of European manufacturers. But collections from Inalco are still leading in terms of their demand on the market. The secret is simple: the manufacturer skillfully combines environmental friendliness of raw materials with advanced production technologies and strict quality control. Therefore, porcelain stoneware from Inalco is:

Increased durability.
Outstanding resistance to wear and tear and adverse external factors.
Attractive appearance (products are unique in their own way, and do not look like similar slabs from other brands).
Kitchen tables and other elements made of porcelain stoneware from Inalco are for those who want to create a special interior in the loft style.


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