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Features of loft-style sofas

The loft style is the perfect choice for decorating a modern home or office interior. Furniture is used to a minimum, trying not to clutter up the space; but it should be stylish and of high quality.

You can find suitable designer sofas in the loft style in the catalog of our online store. These are products of our own production, combining unique technologies, interesting designs and selected materials. They are perfectly combined with classic and ultra-modern furniture, serving as one of the central elements of the furnishings.

Characteristic features of loft sofas

If you are looking for stylish, practical and comfortable upholstered furniture, loft sofas fully meet these requirements. They combine such features as:

A sophisticated look that definitely attracts attention.
Luxurious decoration.
Solid overall dimensions.
Simple geometric shapes.
Solid natural materials used for manufacturing and upholstery.
Increased comfort (on such a sofa it is convenient to sit, lie or sleep, using instead of a bed).
Varieties of loft furniture from the manufacturer

Original sofas and armchairs, like other custom-made loft furniture, are divided into several types:

Bohemian – distinguished by its special sophistication. Fully in line with the current fashion.
Industrial – the severity of forms and functionality, the absence of unnecessary details.
Glamorous – small deviations from the style are permissible, in the form of bright upholstery, etc.
Scandinavian – cold and neutral tones, ascetic design, metal legs, etc.


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